Preliminary Care

Preliminary Care Service at Sachitra Hospital provides services to all adults and child
of any age with a medical or surgical illness or injury.
It consists of an Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) and an Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU)
which are equipped with all major monitoring devices and treatment facilities.

Need Special Care?

Outdoor Patient Department (OPD)

Outdoor Patient Department is open round the clock and an experienced medical officer is always in duty to attend any minor illness or any emergency situation. According to the seriousness of the illness patient will be treated and discharged or admit for further observations.

Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU)

Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU) is set up for any emergency and acute care for patients who are transferred from outdoor patient department or via ambulance. The unit is consists of all types of major monitoring and observation equipment and well drained qualified staff is dedicated round the clock to serve the patients.

The rates for ETU admissions are as follows except for the treatments and medicines given.


First Hour

After First Hour


(Per Hour) Rs.

(Per Hour) Rs.

Per Person



Note:  A sum of Rs. 2,000/- is charged as a refundable deposit at the time of admission.